A Gentle Whispers of Affection

In whispers of affection, I shall reply,
Gently weaving verses to caress thy soul,
For in your words, a tender heart I spy,
A gentle spirit whose touch makes me whole.
Your imperfect surges, like a gentle stream,
A symphony of flaws, entwined with grace,
In thy embrace, I find my treasured dream,
The beauty behind each smiling face.
Within your eyes, a world thriving, serene,
A reflection of all that’s pure and bright,
In radiant hues, emotions oversee,
The depths of tenderness, timeless sight.
Let not the shadows dim your inner glow,
For in thy heart, a sparkling light shall gleam,
And like a poet’s words, they ebb and flow,
Creating magic within your gentle seam.
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