A Love That Set Me Free Poem By Levi Sap Nei Thang

In the depths of sorrow’s embrace,
When life’s burdens weigh me down,
Your concern, like a gentle grace,
In every tender glance, I have found.

Through tears that fall like summer rain,
You mend the fragments of my soul,
With love’s healing touch and refrain,
A melody that makes me whole.

In silence, where words need not be spoken,
Your presence whispers solace true,
A refuge where my spirit awoke,
Can find solace and strength anew.

When the world feels grey and bleak,
You paint it with hues of hope,
For every time my heart does seek,
Your love becomes my horoscope.

Oh, how blessed am I, my dear,
To have you by my side each day,
Through joys and sorrows, crystal clear,
In your arms, my fears sway.

So, worry not, for I shall remain,
Bound to you, eternally,
For in your love, I find no stain,
Only a love that sets me free.


@Levi Sap Nei Thang

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