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How To Be Successful Despite The Setbacks

Do you dream of being successful but face setbacks that demotivate you?

Well, it is impossible to not face hurdles and failures in life but should you merely give up when things go south? Of course, not! Success is not something that would occur naturally without any endeavors. Instead, it is earned after weathering the storm, staying put when your plans fail and keeping the desire to fight alive when nothing seems to be working. So, let me share this story of mine that might inspire you to become a better version of yourself or may be find your own spark to reach the pinnacle of success.

It all started ten years ago with my dream to earn a place in oil and gas industry but with little to no knowledge at that time I was not sure if I would be able to attain something or not. Anyhow, I ventured into this field amidst the industry giants who had been a part of it since generations. To add fuel to fire, I was unable to find anyone who could guide me on this expedition. The internet was replete with information from unauthentic people which was of no use to me. The industry of oil and gas is very vast but the already present industrialists here did not disclose the trick of the trade to me. I was clueless and felt helpless too.

But, what I did not give up was hope...

a hope to turn my dream into a reality...

a hope to find my own way

just like I found my own calling of venturing into this field.

Days kept passing by and I stayed resilient in the face of failure and darkness. I persevered and remained consistent in pursuing my goal with a strong hope to find my way out.

While doing other projects but still keeping an eye on the oil and gas industry, I gradually sorted a way out. I started attending the seminars and meetings aimed at equipping people with the art of this field. Since I had hailed from a different community, attending these meetings acted as catalysts to my journey. I was not willing to become a little share holder or buying oil and gas but was drawn towards it. So, a few years later, I was able to purchase oil and gas lease with a few thousand bucks. It was a very humble beginning but proved to be totally worth it. In a short while, I able to increase my budget and after that things picked up pace for me. The joy I felt was nothing less than winning a lottery. An American company offered me one of my lot to be developed by them but with no expenses from my side. The drilling and all was to be done by them and the cherry on top was that some royalty was to be with me. So, I made my first investment of a few thousand dollars in the oil and gas industry-the industry I presumed would never let me have my share.

Does it sound exciting to you?

Well, it did not happen overnight. I had to show my mettle and bear the gross and upsetting days to witness this glory.

Just recently, I have started speaking about this industry publicly. I wish to see more people coming forth and becoming a part of this field. I am aware of the fact that not everyone will have a story like mine when they enter this industry but what I am sure about is the fact that hard work and perseverance do pay off and never get wasted. I aspire to make people believe in the power of their dreams and if you have a dream like mine, waste not even a day to pursue it like a stubborn child and you will see how it bears fruits of your toil.

How did I become successful eventually?

Well, like I said it is a rewarding field with a lot of growth prospects and offers flexible progress. I specifically became confident when I was offered the non-disclosure agreement which really gave me a sense of security and confidence. With a non-disclosure agreement, my ideas and information were kept confidential and this brought in a lot of safety for me. Even the land surveyors for the project offered a non-disclosure agreement almost immediately and thus this made sure that I was working with trustworthy people.

In the long run, I aim to establish my own oil and gas operating company. If you think this is because I want to become filthy rich or something like that, let me clarify that it is surely no so. I choose to live a simple and contented life. I want to use my earnings to help others. Moreover, when someone goes through turmoil and learns the hard way, they wish to impart their knowledge to the ones wishing to gain an identity and position. Therefore, I made a resolution to help others gain knowledge and have a confident journey when they venture into this field. Contrary to how I learned to grow here, I intend to set up a company that will guide the newcomers fully and trigger their growth from the very outset.

I sure have a long way to go but why did I choose to tell you all of this?

Well, like I said, to inspire and motivate you to never give up. You might be facing some fiascos and things might look unfavorable to you right now but if you have the urge to outshine, you choose to fight and not give in to the pressures. All you need to do is keep a strong conviction, retain your grit and resilience and behold your evolution. Trust me, with these golden rules in mind, success will not be far away. In fact, it will become a subservient to you.

Are you still thinking about failure and mishaps?

Change your perspective today and become ceaselessly successful!


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