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The Impacts Of Using Social Media Constructively

Why is it that when we speak of using the social media, the majority prefers to point out its hazards and flaws?  

Social media itself is neither good nor bad. What makes it one is dependent on how we make use of it. Today I’ll tell you how using the social media productively can prove to be a life-changing experience for other people. Without any delay, let me start:

I have always aimed at helping people with my dexterity and energy. I have been the person behind many successful brands and organizations. When some individuals used to launch their brand or company, I was the one to back them up and help them reach the summit of success. After their brand or organization used to earn a name, people used to remain curious as to who was behind them? Who fueled the idea and made it a success? But, being a low-key person, I never felt the need to come forward and savor the limelight. You see, this was my conscious decision as I have had a firm conviction that my greatest asset is to help others grow (since I have enjoyed success and affluence way too much!) So, keeping the same spirit in mind, I found it a little boastful to declare that it was I who made those brands and companies what they were known as after their accomplishments.

Things remained like this until 2015 when I had to create my own Facebook page as everyone wanted me to become approachable for the masses. Anyhow, when I created my page, it was very well-received. I was followed by people from all around the world with the greatest following from Myanmar-the place I hailed from!

People showered me with their warmth and love. They used to wait for my posts and adored seeing the photos I posted. The purpose I had in mind was to uplift the masses and it was going on quite well. Anyhow, amidst all this, I started getting different offers from sundry businesses. Now, they wanted me to recommend their products to people (because of so many followers I had) and endorse them too. Obviously, I was offered handsome amounts and other perks. However, it was against my values and ideas. I could never think of recommending a product I never used or would use for myself. This was all in good faith that I declined multiple such offers and remained adamant in serving the masses in the true sense of the word.

Another reason why I never got into these promotions of others’ products for money was that I never wanted people to become materialistic or get entrapped in the so-called beauty standards. I rarely suggest a product to my followers and when I do, it is genuine and considerate.

Why would people follow someone who would merely suggest them random stuff for making some money?

That is a selfish and unkind approach. People follow me for my genuineness and the urge to inspiration. I do not believe in the glitz and glam of the pretentious lifestyle. I choose to live a simple and contented life. You would hardly see me wearing any fancy, high-end branded dresses or the jewels that many with the same status love to put on and flaunt. I think that a person should be self-satisfied and whatever they possess, they must pass that on to alleviate poverty and hardships. My home is the simplest with a plain lifestyle. I have been brave enough to not fall into the trap of unnecessary status symbols or the pomp and show associated with being prosperous. 

Why did I choose to tell you about my simple lifestyle and all?

The basic reason is to reiterate the fact that if you want to impact the lives of others in a positive and holistic manner, all they need is a genuine and compassionate guide. When you become a social media person, people expect you to be a part of the crowd that follows the rat race of materialism. I refused to do so and chose a different path. Probably, that is one major reason why I have received so much love and regard from around the globe.

So, when I started talking about the oil and gas industry, the majority of the people had the same notion in mind which I had when I ventured into it i.e. they considered it impossible to survive or thrive in this field. However, when I started posting about my experiences and how things were different from how they were perceived, people got extremely thrilled. They felt excited when I used to talk about the scope of this field through my social media handles. Because of my constant motivating posts, many people started venturing into this field and some bought leases just to feel that they possessed the oil lands.

 With the passage of time, I witnessed how the masses gave me all the credit and talked about my positive contribution. Many people claimed that it was because of me that the industry of oil and gas in the US changed altogether and started flourishing. It was huge for me not in terms of the fame and credit I received but in terms of my purposeful journey. I was elated to see that I actually was able to enable others and instill in them the spirit to work hard and earn their place in the oil and gas industry. I am informed every now and then how more and more people are drawn towards this field and how it is helping the US economy to grow and become invincible. Can you envision how ecstatic I would be after this? It is colossal and incredible for me. I yearned to help the people in every possible way and my presence on social media and how I used it actually proved to be a game changer.

To sum up, my progressive use of social media not merely helped the people but also contributed in the strengthening of the economy. Isn’t it incredibly amazing? I am super delighted that I was able to do so. Thus, this is how the prolific use of social media can help the people and your country.

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