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How I Decided To Sell My Land

Did you know that I was approached by many buyers for the purchase of my land at various places? Yes, when you become an eminent figure with multiple successful projects at your disposal, many people wish to buy your product or land from you considering it as a good omen for themselves. Such is today’s narration of an inspiring event that made me decide on the sale of one of my land. How did it all happen? Read on to explore more!

In 2020, one fine day I received an email from Mr. Jeff in which he showed great interest in buying one of my oil and gas leases in North Dakota. Since I take my stuff very seriously, I felt no need to accept his offer. Moreover, I intended to develop and expand this particular project and therefore I told him that I was not inclined towards selling my land. He was quite an understanding person and respected my decision and so did not force me again. Time passed by and the occasion of Thanksgiving came closer.

As the event of Thanksgiving approached and like everyone else, I also started wondering how to make it a wonderful occasion by giving people something worthwhile. Suddenly, a brilliant idea struck my mind. I had a flashback of an email from Jeff and decided to write to him. So, the next day, I wrote him an email mentioning the fact that I was disposed to sell out my land as a Thanksgiving gift. Since I was willing to sell, it was certainly not free. Why did I still call it Thanksgiving present? It was because this land was of great consequence and many people had approached me for the purchase but I always declined. Jeff. However, remained in my mind and I chose him for this acquisition.

Mr. Jeff had been a thorough professional and had a clear idea of how much money I had paid to the government. He was also mindful of the fact that buying this land was his great win since many potential buyers had been declined by me for this offer. So, as I said that Mr. Jeff was a thorough gentleman and knew the intricacies involved in such affairs, he offered me double the amount of what I had paid when he approached me for the signing of the papers. He got all the papers made ready and came with the drafted papers. I, too, did not exploit the situation and remained constant with my words. I believe in endowing others, making them happy, and achieve their dreams and ambitions. So, I did not ask for a single extra penny and made it a smooth and happy deal. We got the papers signed, and it all got a cheerful wrap-up. However, right after a few months, on this very day, 19 March 2021, Mr. Jeff approached me again mentioning some erroneous stuff in the documents. He hinted at some issues including typing errors with the wrong GPS location mentioned. I cordially accepted his viewpoint and we are currently getting it all sorted out.

So, you see, despite being a hard thing to do; I did not shirk taking this bold step of selling this lease out when I had no intentions to. Why did I do so? I chose to do this to make Thanksgiving a memorable and meaningful occasion, to witness the joy on others’ faces when their wishes are granted, and to attain a higher sense of satiation. Like Mr. Jeff, scores of people from around the U.S reached out to purchase my different lands, but I had hardly any inclination towards it. There were many emails that I even did not open up after reading the subject. That is the level of disinterest I have towards materialistic gains. I do sell my lands out, whenever and whichever I wish to but no one has even bought something from me forcefully. 

If I give you a sneak peek of how many people had been urging me to sell off my lands, you would be blown away. However, I remain very specific. Many buyers feel annoyed by this but I have my standpoint regarding such issues. My office was not ready to make such deals at the beginning so I never met any such buyer in person. This was taken as some haughty gesture but the fact of the matter is that I do not believe in stirring those things up that I do not intend to work on. So, many emails used to get ignored, some of them I responded after a month or so. Some land areas have been very dear to me and so I took time to make up my mind for their sale later on. I have always set my desired price for such lands and only made decisions of selling them when I deemed them perfect.

So, the point of mentioning all these details is to tell you how I started from scratch in this industry, faced innumerable roadblocks, and now have become a person who is sought after by every top-notch brand and person.

To conclude, I am humbled when I see how long I have come and how things have turned in my favor after my toils. I am also grateful to Mr. Jeff for letting me share his story. Remember, a dream remains a dream without hard work. Thus, make your dreams a reality by leaving no stone unturned and working with great focus.

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