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What is Bible

The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books written by more than 40 authors in around 1500 years. 2 Timothy 3:16 says “All Scripture is God-breathed” God gave them to the man to correct, rebuke, train and to teach us. The Word of God unfolds as a divine love story between God the Creator and the object of His love, humankind. When we read through the pages of Scripture, we learn about God’s interaction with humans. We learn about His mighty purpose and plans which He held right from the beginning of time throughout history.

The original text was communicated through Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. Most parts of the Old Testament were written in Hebrew and with a small percentage in Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Greek. Bible is the Word of God given to humans to follow God’s instructions and to reach the destination which God has reserved for us. More than 40 authors have penned the Bible under the authority and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Bible is the Holy book for the people who have accepted Jesus as their personal saviour. Bible covers everything for a man needs; it shows God’s Love, His nature, His Miracle and His divine characters in the Bible. Bible is not like every other book in the world. It is the source of wisdom and Knowledge. Bible is the only book which tells about the past, the present and the future.

Bible can change anyone. Throughout history, there were millions of people who have been touched and changed by the Word of God. The Bible speaks with us; it mends us and gives of the character what God wants us.

Bible’s central theme is Jesus— God incarnated into human life, came for us, showing His unconditional love, bearing our sins, dying in our place, rising from the dead and bringing redemption to the human race.

Bible teaches us to be holy. Because to be with God, we need to be holy, and the Bible shows the pavement for that. Once we started to read the Bible, it won’t allow us to sin. Scriptures are like honey in the rock; we could not live without it if we read the Bible once. Bible transforms a person which means the inner transformation. Evil to Holy, Sinner to Saved.

Bible is the book which provides life. Bible is a treasure box where one could find everything he/she needed in his daily life. Bible gives us Hope to live. God’s wisdom, God’s mighty hands how He led His people, freed His people from the enemies were in the Bible. Bible is the only Holy book which gives importance for the family structure. Bible teaches about parenting, obedience, discipline, good manners. Bible also tells us about the end times and how it would be. Bible tells us about the second coming of Jesus.

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