Give Me A Chance To Care For You Poem By Levi Sap Nei Thang

When Can I see you again

In this world so vast, where hearts collide,
I see your pain; I feel it deep inside.
Give me a chance, let me be your guide,
To love and care for you, side by side.

Give me a chance to care for you,
To mend your wounds, make your dreams come true.
I’ll hold you close through the darkest night,
With love and care, I’ll make everything right.

In your eyes, I see a flicker of doubt,
But trust in me, I’ll never let you down.
With gentle touch and words so kind,
I’ll be the shelter when storms unwind.

In this world of chaos, let me be your peace,
A love so pure that will never cease.
I’ll be your rock, your guiding light,
Together, we’ll conquer every fight.

So take my hand, let’s walk this path,
With love and care, we’ll conquer any wrath.
Give me a chance, let me show you faithful,
That I’ll always be here, caring just for you.

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