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Stress, stress, stress. But what exactly is it? Well, stress is the response of the body to some changes that may be abrupt or developing changes in one’s life. As it is known, change is a constant thing and this does not exempt life as we go through constant changes at every moment of our life. We go through changes like going to school, work, engaging in a new activity. There could also be an abrupt change in our life which could be getting married to our loved ones or losing a dear one. A new permanent change that has also affected our lives and how we live in the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has altered the way by which we live and go on about our daily lifestyle. It is a natural feeling of not being able to cope with demands on the body. Although stress is natural, if it is not effectively managed, it can turn into a chronic health condition of a person.

Stress is a part of being human and it can also assist one to make a change to lifestyle as it can motivate one to get things done effectively. The demands which can lead to stress as said can come from work, relationships, pressure in finances as well as arise from other situations such as things that pose a real and perceived challenge to the well-being of an individual. The body’s fight-or-flight mechanism is what tells a person about how to respond to danger or challenges. When stress becomes dangerous to the body is when the body is triggered due to the release of numerous hormones as well stressors at a time that can undermine the mental and physical health condition of a person and lead to harm.

Stress is the defense of the body against challenges such as predators as well as dangers. It is the phenomenon that causes the body to be flooded with hormones as well as stressors that prepare the body system to confront or avoid danger. This is known as the fight-or-flight mechanism of the body. When the body produces hormones in form of chemicals, it triggers some particular physical reactions in the body which include an increase in blood pressure, sweating, and an increase in the alertness of the body. These trigger factors are what helps in improving the ability of a person to respond to a challenging situation that may be hazardous. 

Some factors trigger the release of chemicals in the body which are environmental factors and are called stressors. Examples of these environmental factors include noises, behaving aggressively, experiencing scary moments. Having these feelings of stress can trigger the release of some stressors in our bodies. The body’s nervous system seeks to control the heart rate, how we breathe, our vision changes as well as more reflex actions that take place in our body. The fight-or-flight response helps us to manage stress.

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