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Faith is the major element that God expects in every believer of Christ to communicate with Him.  Faith is the key to open the blessings which God has kept for us. It is impossible to please God without faith. Many people end up with unanswered prayers because they don’t trust God fully to answer their prayers. Where are you placing your faith? Where are you looking at times of trouble? Where are you seeking for ways in times of distress? We need to place our faith on the one who made the heaven and earth. There could emerge several situations in our life which could wipe away the faith in our life and makes us to lean on our own ways. God has given us faith which moves God and brings Him in to our situation. There is nothing that God can’t handle or there is no situation which is beyond God. He is everything and He could bring back any of your dead situation or things which you think it’s OVER. He can penetrate into that worst situation and can turn that as a blessing for which faith is needed.

God has given a great commission for everyone and it is must to proclaim gospel to everyone. You can also use your attire or devices to proclaim God’s Love to other. In Online Christian Store we have loads of attire and devices which you can use to boost your faith life in Christ and to showcase your Love for God. Having some faith words around us in our daily lives are sure to increase our faith with Lord. We have a great range of product for your daily lives. Our new product phone charger "Powered by the Holy Spirit" would be an ultimate product to feature in your car. This wireless charger would help you to recharge your devices in your car. This wireless charging technology to charge your devices, cord-free. Gravity keeps your phone in place while you’re driving and charging up. For effortless navigation and one-touch control, use the Gravitis every time you’re on the road! Onlinechristianstore started to help and to bring hope for the lost and a fresh start for those in need, with sharing God's message of redemption.

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