How Levi Sap Nei Thang Company was formed in 2020

The most commonly asked question from me is, how have you created several brands and organizations so impeccably and impressively? 

What I am going to tell you about myself might amaze you but remember that whatever I share with you will be in good faith and highlight the importance of uplifting others in life.

I have been an extraordinarily affluent and influential person, and because of my life and matchless achievements, people assumed that I would lead a lavish and ‘oh so enviable!’ life, but I chose vice versa. Despite being able to lead a desirable life, I picked up a simple lifestyle and considered internal contentment my greatest wealth. Moreover, with all the resources I had, I made a wise choice to help people who were in need of support and guidance. So, to this day, I have established many worthwhile brands and organizations. People always credit me for the growth and glory of their brand, but I consider it my calling, so I keep doing it.

So, let me tell you how it all started for me. Unfortunately, I had lost my daughter and had none other to carry my work in the women’s industry forward, so I used to think about the future of my legacy and ideas. My services have been catering to all the products that women usually love, i.e., beauty products, handbags, women’s vitamins, etc. Moreover, the aging process made me wonder who would succeed me after I vanished. While brainstorming many ideas, I wondered how fantastic it could be to use my full name for the numerous products I have established all these years. So early in 2020, I announced to my audience that I should be using my full name in the field of business. Thus, I got my unique name Levi Sap Nei Thang LLC, registered in the 7 states of the US.

When you have the urge to do something, you must keep a stubborn heart. Despite the unfavorable conditions and hurdles, you need to keep your spirit alive and move forward. After this registration, when some senior personnel from the oil and gas industry came to know that I was planning to use my full name; they warned me of failure because of having a unique, non-American name. I ignored the warning deeming my company a little one, and thought no one would be bothered about me. This viewpoint of mine was not only for oil and gas but also for health and beauty products, handbags, food items, and beverages. The whole year of 2020, I kept my focus on oil and gas and had to keep the other products on hold because of the unfavorable conditions caused by the pandemic.

But, things are never as easy as they sound. I had to weather the storm and face my set of challenges on the way. Are you wondering how a person like me could face some issues while launching an idea? Yes, it is very much probable, and life tests us and our limits time and over again to see if we can stand it or not. It does not matter if you have been a significantly notable person or not. So, as I was telling you that I got my full name registered in the 7 states of the US, but some people in the business world were not happy with this. I was always seen as a potential threat, and my growth mostly intimidated others. With a different origin, it was certainly one of the hardest parts of my success story.

As I said, a few people were agitated by my presence and influence. I was surrounded by intruders and attackers who made sure I felt disgraced and demotivated. A blogger wrote that I was a totally new person and did not know about the trick of the trade. , I found it humiliating for myself, but I did not give up on my ideology of enriching others through my earnings. My unique full name was used to misdirect the strangers as they would also presume that I was new and unaware and thus could not run the oil and gas industry. 

In the parallel world, some journalists would try to approach me to stir things up and create a controversy against me. My customers were offered to speak against me to be featured in the world news. Some of them told me that they declined such offers. However, I am sure some would have been happy to be in the world news hurling accusations at me and my name, but I never paid heed to these tactics and hurtful happenings. However, if they intend to cross the line too much, they will have to face the music in the future. I have looked death in the eye earlier, so what could such maneuvers do to me? I have had an iron will and an unswerving faith in my own abilities and ideas. Thus, I kept darting forward and eventually established my name in the Business world.

My strength, grit, and will come from my life experiences and innate ability to fight any storm of life. However, I would particularly quote how my senior team from the American oil and gas industry stood by me and protected me like anything. They left no stone unturned in ensuring my safety and well-being. It mattered to me then, and I relish it till now. I can never forget their concern, their alert responses to the situations, and how they ensured I remained well protected. 

To sum all of my experiences up, I would repeat that people highlight how prominent I am and wonder how I made such influential brands and organizations, but they overlook the spirit behind this splendorGlory cannot come to you or stay with you if your mindset is incorrect. Keeping a growth mindset and drenching each ounce of your being in gratitude is incredibly momentous when turning your dreams into a reality.

My faith in God has always been unwavering and staunch. Despite all the hurdles and negativities, I never had even an iota of doubt about my success. I knew I would eventually become invincible and enviable because I was always adamant about continuing, no matter what! Praying to God, keeping an unshakable faith in His kindness and blessings, paving the way for your triumph and progressionThings might seem like not working out for you, and people might belittle you in every possible manner, but you need to remind yourself that the ultimate power lies with God, and He watches your intent and strife. Eventually, things have to work out in your favor, sooner or later.

Thus, this amalgamation of my good intentions, constant belief in God, praying regularly, and staying focused with a growth mindset made me successful in creating wonderful brands and organizations. I know it is easier said than done, but that is what all successful people do. So, will you choose to be so or not?



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