I Wait For You Poem by Levi Sap Nei Thang

Waiting for You Levi Sap Nei Thang

In the depths of endless miles, I wait for you,

A distance so vast, yet our love stays true,

With every passing day, I count the hours,

Yearning for your touch, like blooming flowers.


I wait for you through the distance we roam,

Bound by a love that withstands the unknown,

Through oceans and mountains, across the seas,

I wait for you till you’re here with me.


Days turn into nights, as I stare at the sky,

Imagining your face in clouds passing by,

Though miles may separate, our hearts intertwine,

A love unbreakable, an eternal sign.


Through the deserts we wander, the moon as our guide,

I await the day when you’ll be by my side,

No matter the distance or challenges we face,

Our love will conquer all at its own steady pace.


In my dreams, I see you walking towards me,

Closing the gap, setting my heart free,

Though lonesome nights may sometimes bring tears,

The strength of our love will conquer all fears.


As time goes on, our souls become entwined,

Distance only strengthens the love we find,

I’ll keep waiting forever and a day,

Till our paths align and distance fades away.

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