I Won’t Give Up Poem by Levi Sap Nei Thang

I won't Give Up Poem By Levi Sap Nei Thang
Babe, do you know I miss you?
My heart’s in despair.

Tears fall like raindrops,
my soul can’t repair

Longing for the day
when our paths intertwine

I won’t surrender,
my love, you’re still mine
I don’t give up on you,
my love, I won’t let go

Through the darkest nights,
my faith in us will grow

I’ll keep holding on,
praying for our fate

Hoping one day,
my love, it won’t be too late
The distance between us,
a cruel twist of fate

But I’ll fight through the storms,
I won’t hesitate

For you, my love,
I’ll cross mountains so high

I’ll conquer the world
just to have you nearby
Babe, do you know I miss you,
and I cried

With every breath, my love,
I won’t be denied.

I’ll keep chasing dreams
till the end of time

For you, my dear,
I’ll forever climb.

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