Inspiration Behind The Pursuit of Levi Sap Nei Thang Perfume

One of the most extraordinary highlights of my entrepreneurship journey is establishing my own perfume brand. Many people have come to question why I decided to pursue it and challenge myself, especially since the perfume industry in the U.S. is competitive, high-end, and luxurious. For me, it was never about the competition but about a story of compassion and discovery.

Flashing back some years now, I was traveling across the nation for my humanitarian aid and charity work. I got to come hand-in-hand with many locals, and their expression of gratitude to me was special and heart-warming. Some invited me to visit their homes and enjoy their home-cooked meal at a family table setup. Some garlanded me with a wreath of wildflowers that solely blossom in their homeland. To me, the scent of those wildflowers was the natural perfume that stayed in my heart even when I was back in the U.S. Unlike the flowers from those floral shops in the city, they were more sincere, close to nature, and affectionate.

As someone who is allergic to strong and alcoholic scents, some perfumes with a large percentage of alcohol usually distract me with dizziness and discomfort despite the quality and the brand. And I believed I was not the only one going through this struggle. I also discovered that finding a perfume made of organic ingredients was tough. Therefore, I decided to make my own perfume with natural ingredients that would remind me of those wildflowers and be versatile for every nose.

My mission was to empower people with a natural scent that would not trigger but calm and satisfy their peace of mind. I learned the whole process of making an organic perfume. I bought a perfumer and put it in my basement. I studied different ingredients and developed an essential oil that can be utilized as a substitute for alcohol. I designed the packaging by myself. I exposed myself to new ideas and tried my visions. The initial outcomes were different than expected, but it got better and better every time. And hooray, the final result was quite beyond my imagination! 

Soon after I exported them into the market and to the hands of customers, my perfume brand had quickly become a crowd favorite. Throughout these years, I have manufactured and distributed different editions of organic perfumes designed for men and women, which has always been a huge success.

In 2020, I rebranded all my perfumes with my name, “Levi Sap Nei Thang,” which is still a top choice for many people.

To sum up, it all started with a single realization and imagination. And it is very much about constantly changing and developing to be better.

I will launch the limited edition of my brand new perfumes with all the freshness and sense of nature soon, and I am beyond thrilled to share them with you.

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