Levi Sap Nei Thang Sets the Record Straight Regarding Oil and Gas Leases

Oil & Gas drilling in Farm land

March 8, 2021 – Levi Sap Nei Thang is going on the record to issue her response to numerous erroneous news reports that have come out recently regarding her extensive ownership of oil and gas leases in the United States.

Rumors began to swirl, and while Thang received criticism regarding her intentions around the purchases, she always avoided comment. However, she went on record today to address some specific issues she has seen in the press about her background.

Thang noted a recent report that the Oil & Gas Department of Nevada administrator said he does not know her. She responded, “I do not know him either. Fortunately, my communication with the state of Nevada does not require me to be in contact with the administrator. From the beginning, I communicated with the State of Nevada with the Director of the Oil & Gas and Land Management Department but not the administrator.”

Moreover, Thang is upset that recent reports portray her as secretive about her involvement in Oil & Gas. Her response stated, It is not that I am secretive. The partner has me sign the non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements in every contract. However, there were two contracts where I did not need to sign the non-disclosure agreement. I asked the contracting party if I could discuss the project publicly, but the team expressed their desire against this. I respected their wish and decided not to disclose the information.”

Thang went on to say that there were a few occasions when she was harassed and discriminated against in the United States, but most people she met embraced her. “When the Federal Oil & Gas Department in a few states learned of my frustration, I was advised not to let go of what I legally owned.” She said.

Finally, Thang stated, “Previously, I have been approached by many American companies. Everyone who purchased from me did so by their own will. I have the right to sell to who I want to when I want to, and for what price I set.”

She closed by saying that she usually does not respond to what is in the press but felt compelled to do so considering the “vast amount of misinformation” she was hearing.


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