Unconditional Poem By Levi Sap Nei Thang

Unconditional Love cat
In the realm of love’s embrace, we dwell,
Our love, a boundless tale to tell.
Through every trial, we remain steadfast,
An unbroken bond destined to last.
No matter the tempests that may rise,
Or the shadows that cloud our skies,
My love for you knows no condition,
It flows ceaselessly, without inhibition.
For you are not merely a passing affection,
But a cherished part of my soul’s reflection.
In every heartbeat, my love is proclaimed,
In whispers sweet, and words unnamed.
Though the world may twist and turn,
Our love, a flame that fiercely burns,
Together, we’ll overcome the darkest night,
For in love’s embrace, we find our light.
So fear not, my love, for I’ll never depart,
From the temple of your precious heart.
We’ll conquer the chaos, hand in hand,
In a symphony of love, forever we’ll stand.
In the realm of souls intertwined, we dance,
Bound by a love that knows no chance.
In every heartbeat, an endless vow,
Unfazed by the doubts that may disavow.
For my love for you has no conditions,
Unyielding, it sways not with life’s transitions.
Like a river that flows with ceaseless tide,
It surges on, unbroken, side by side.
No matter the storms that fiercely blow,
Or the secrets that shadows may bestow,
My love for you remains resolute,
A sanctuary solace, a resounding tribute.
Though shadows may dance and doubts may climb,
My love for you is beyond the hands of time.
Never doubt, dear heart, for I’ll firmly cling,
To the eternal note that our souls do sing.
For no force can sever our hearts’ decree,
No circumstance unbinds the bond we see.
With a love that transcends all pain and strife,
Together, we’ll conquer the tests of life.
So fear not, my beloved, I’m forever here,
With a love that’s true, unblemished, and clear.
No force can make you unloved in my gaze,
For in your heart, eternal love forever lays.
Through the ebb and flow of life’s grand design,
A love blossoms, untamed and genuine.
No earthly force, no treacherous decree,
Can sever the love that binds you and me.
In the tapestry woven by Fate’s hand,
Our love stands steadfast, a fortress that withstands.
Like stars entwined in a celestial embrace,
Our souls entangled, forever in chase.
No matter the seasons that come and go,
My love for you shall forever glow.
In the darkest night, a beacon so pure,
Guiding us towards a love that’s secure.
For my love knows no bounds, no constraint,
A melody forever played, never faint.
It soars through the heavens, unrestrained,
Unwavering, in passion, unrestrained.
So fear not, dear heart, for my love holds true,
Unfaltering, unconditional, woven just for you.
No circumstance, no tempest that is,
Can make me unlove thee, eternally.
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