When Can I See You Again Poem By Levi Sap Nei Thang

Give me a chance to care for you

In the shadows of my heart, I’m lost and all alone,
Yearning for the day when your care will be shown,
Every moment without you feels like an eternity,
Tell me, my dear, when can I see you again?

Every sunrise I witness, I’m reminded of your grace,
But the emptiness inside me, it’s hard to erase,
I’m drowning in this ocean of longing and desire,
Please, my dear, ignite the flame of our love’s fire.

The days go by, but my heart remains still,
I’m trapped in our story, a prisoner of my will,
I’ll wait for you, my dear, no matter how long,
Just promise me, you’ll never be gone.

When can I see you again, my dear?
When will the stars align, shining from above?
This longing in my soul is tearing me apart,
Tell me, my dear, when can I see you again?

In this symphony of our story, I’ll wait,
For the day when our souls will finally relate,
Until then, my dear, I’ll hold on to this pain,
Hoping and praying, when can I see you again?

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