When Can I See You Poem By Levi Sap Nei Thang

Alone in Desert When Can I See You Again

In the tranquil twilight’s gentle embrace,
I yearn to see your radiant face.
Like moonlight whispered on a sea of blue,
I long for the moment when I see you.

The days cascade like a fleeting dream,
With petals of time carried by the stream.
But fear not, my dear, our paths align,
In the tapestry of fate, our souls are entwined.

Though distance may weave a veil between,
Our hearts remain connected, unseen.
For love transcends the boundaries of space,
And in our hearts, our spirits embrace.

So look to the heavens, where stars shine bright,
They are but beacons guiding us through the night.
With every whispered breeze and melody sung,
Know that our reunion’s melody has just begun.

In time, our eyes shall meet once more,
And all the sorrows shall be soothed, restored.
For in the beauty of a heartfelt reunion,
Love blossoms anew in eternal fusion.

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